the two photos I just posted are from a shoot I did with my friend, does anyone want me to post some more?

can I please just take a moment and say how much I loved vampire diaries on thursday
writing a new about me;

anything you would like me to include?

reply or send me a message!

had an allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide on my face.


has anyone else taken ap us history?

I have been in it for just over a week and we have already read about 150 pages of text, had a socratic seminar, had a test, and had a timed writing.

does anyone have any advice for surviving?

sorry I haven’t been very active the last few days,

I just finished my first week of school and I am technically supposed to be grounded from the internet… but I sneak on anyways. So just stick with me for another week and I will be back to posting normally!

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